Blogging through the snow…

Welcome to “How little keys can open mighty doors” or how social media can create change for the better.” (Thanks for the phrase David Rudder, calypsonian and lyrical master extraordinaire.) Any person in the world, from a shepherd in Nepal to a fisherman in Tobago to grad student in New York can now have their voice heard worldwide through social media. What a powerful way to share ideas thoughts and experiences and connect to enrich and enlighten us all!  

So much has changed with how we exchange info. Extinct are the pony express, town crier, newspaper delivery person  (for goodness sake, submit and read digitally if you haven’t already and save a poor tree) and the village “maco” as we say in Trinidad (say MACKO) or town gossip as she would be known in these latitudes. The avalanche of snow which threatened to bury us all over the last few days with more to come tomorrow makes me grateful for my tech (ipad, iphone, ipen and ipencil) with which I can blog while I sit at home with a friendly glass of Royal Oak (Trinidad rum) to keep my soul warm in what is beginning to look like the Arctic tundra. So on your snow day think about how social media has changed your world and share your thoughts. If I don’t icicle on the trek to class tomorrow while hazarding the sleet I’ll be thrilled to tell you my story on the subject. (And class is sooo worth the danger of a death-freeze… because my Professor is reading this:-)    


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